After the Fire by Will Hill – Review by Shannon Baer

Nerdy Book Club


Everyone has their own concept of what creates a family. For Moonbeam, it is her mom and the other members of the Holy Church of the Lord’s Legion. Set in Texas, the group resides on a compound just outside of town. They are a mostly self-sustaining group, and in the past have driven to the Outside to recruit new members. That, however, was before the arrival of Father John Parsons. The cult community becomes cut off from the world, save the weekly expedition for supplies accomplished by Amos. They seem happy, caring, and secure in their love for each other and the Lord’s love for them as they wait for their moment of Ascension. When the handsome and friendly Nate Childress joins the fold, Moonbeam’s life is flipped in ways she never thought could be hers.


Moonbeam wakes to find herself in a locked psychiatric facility following the…

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